DYNASTY XVIII – Screenplay

DYNASTY XVIII – Feature Film Screenplay

What if a single mother is forced to play an MMO role-playing Egyptian video game to rescue her teenaged son from unknown evil- the very game she feared was harming him, and believes is responsible for his disappearance, along with his friends?

Dynasty XVIII is a family cyberpunk adventure in the vein of Matrix or Ready Player One with the flavor of Super8.

It follows the journey of young war widow Marisa de Marco and her teenaged son Leon as they race to find and take down the twisted game designer.

AkenatunProblems occur when Leon falls under the sway of the Pharoah’s obscure cult, and Marisa must battle Akenaten’s army at every turn, navigate fearsome mythological gods and monsters, and gather cryptic information from scheming priests and military leaders, while fending off the disapproving scrutiny of cyber police.

Struggling to overcome their differences and reunite as a family, as well as resist the powerful mind control devices embedded in the game software, now Marisa and Leon must work together to beat the game, and penetrate the inner sanctum of the pharaoh.

Audiences will enjoy this movie because it combines the fast-paced action-packed adventure of an exciting video game while exploring the meaning of family and friendship in the modern online world.

Viewers will especially love the new kick-ass Marisa’s epic final confrontation of wits and will with the ultimate evil.