Forged by Love






My fifth novel, mostly completed during NaNoWriMo 2015, entitled Forged by Love, is part of the New Adult series: Growing Into My Skin, about young women traveling or working abroad, who find themselves embroiled in the lives of local people they meet. It’s through these experiences that they learn important lessons about themselves, and just may find love in the process.

DSC03357Forged by Love was inspired by cycling in the south of France, the Beaux Village of the Dordogne region in Aquitaine, the warm community of small village life, Medieval Festivals and all the fun that ensues, the remarkable art of Parkour which originated in France, and a gentle giant!

Niki Ballentyne is strong and independent, and she’s used to rescuing others, from championing the rights of her special needs younger brother to the hikers and bikers who go astray in the North Shore Mountains where she works in Search & Rescue. When she encounters super-sized Didier Le Grand, a blacksmith with a giant size crush on a local seamstress that he’s too shy to act upon, she decides to help him out by posing as his girlfriend to change his image and teach him a few lessons about love. She doesn’t expect to meet French immersion teacher Luc, an easy-going fellow Canadian traveller, and rejects the powerful attraction that sparks between them. After a serious tumble from her bike requires care and attention, Niki’s disdain for weakness turns her into a shrew of a patient that tries even the kind heart of Luc.