Manuscript Editing Services

M A Clarke Scott at Generations Editorial

I’m now offering story/structural/developmental, stylistic and copyediting for mostly novel length fiction. I have been writing professionally for decades, was an academic writer for five years, have been a novelist for eleven years, and have loads of experience as a beta reader, critiquer and contest judge. I’ve taken professional stylistic and fiction editing courses and I’m an Associate Member of the Canadian Editors Association.

article-page-main-ehow-images-a08-65-7k-cognitive-between-writing-hand-computer-800x800My specialties include romance, women fiction, science fiction, historical, literary, and New Adult. My passion is story structure to maximize your story’s potential.

I provide freelance editorial services and writing mentorship based on my experience as an avid reader and writer. It’s often best to begin with a manuscript evaluation to assess the type and extent of editing required. You’ll then be provided with an editorial letter that outlines broad overview observations, as well as the top five specific suggestions on how and where to strengthen the book. In addition, you’ll have line notes through out the manuscript. Areas reviewed include character development, plot structure, style, pacing, continuity, and the ultimate impact of the story. I do not provide “copy edits” on the manuscript, but will mark any errors I note.

Free sample pages. Estimated Timeline. Written evaluation.

Fees and Timelines:
My standard rate is $2 per page plus applicable taxes. If you request that printed copies of your manuscript be made and/or want a printed copy of your manuscript mailed to you, reasonable costs to cover this would be extra and would be invoiced at the completion of the project.

An estimated timeline for completion is provided before services start and varies depending on my availability.