Disruption by Design Available Soon!

Having it All Book 2: Disruption by Design, will be Available Very Soon!

What is the price of sacrifice, when love is the prize?

Cover of Disruption by Design by M A Clarke Scott author

Alexa is a gifted architect. She grew up watching her mother pay a heavy price for love, at the loss of her freedom, her creativity and her identity– a price Alexa swore she would never pay. She spent her youth helping her working mom take care of their home, her sick father and her six younger siblings. Now nothing will stand in the way of her success.


Bruce has success in spades. He lives a life of leisure after selling his software company for millions. But money can’t buy the thing he desires most, and was deprived of as a child when his mother left him and his three older brothers in the care of his bullying dad- the love and nurturing of a woman, a comfortable home and a family of his own.


When a crisis obliges them to play house together, can a few weeks in each other’s company disrupt their carefully constructed worlds?


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Available December 18, 2017 through Amazon, Indigo, Kobo, iBooks, Ingram Spark, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, Direct2Digital, Indiebound and other online retailers and wholesalers.

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