Cover of Disruption by Design by M A Clarke Scott author


Photo of a cluster of sailboats with spinnakers flying. Credits: Marie Loughin, WANA CommonsComing About is a romantic Women’s Fiction novel by M A Clarke Scott, second in the Having It All Women’s Fiction series about career women seeking balance and fulfillment in their lives.



photo of a young dark haired professional woman looking at architectural drawings.Wanting only the freedom to live on his sailboat and renovate his new house, indepenphoto of Bruce at the helm of a sailboat, blue water and islands in the background.dent dot.com millionaire Bruce Koczynski’s summer plans are spoiled when his best friend insists he share childcare duties with his nemesis Alexa Jenner –his friend’s wife’s best friend, a sharp-tongued, ambitious, career-driven architect, while the kids’ parents vacation in Asia. Both of them have a lot to learn about themselves before they are ready for each other.